Five Elephant KENYA Thunguri AA Filter 250g
Five Elephant KENYA Thunguri AA Filter 250g
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Five Elephant KENYA Thunguri AA Filter 250g

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KENYA Thunguri AA

Multiple Smallholders
Thunguri Coffee Factory
Karatina Town, Kirinyaga District
SL 34, SL 28 and Ruiru 11
Washed, Dried on Raised Beds
1.600 masl
Jasmine Tea, Rosehip and White Currant.

The Thunguri coffee factory has come a long way since its inception in 1953, despite its remote location high up in the mountains of Kenya's Kirinyaga District. The factory, which spreads over 8 acres, now serves close to 7,000 smallholder farmers from the surrounding villages of Kiamwe, Nguguini and Kiahiti, and it has seen significant growth over the last decade, as demand for premium quality coffees from Kenya has steadily been on the rise.

The cherries are brought to the factory from the surrounding nutrient-rich red clay soil farms, and are then sorted, de-pulped and fermented underwater for 15-23 hours. The beans are then washed four times, ensuring a clean and smooth cup profile, and dried on raised beds for 6-7 days. The resulting coffee is delicately sweet, with a subtle body and a tangy finish - another gem in a long line of excellent coffees cultivated in Kirinyaga.


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