Five Elephant GUATEMALA Q'ANTXABINA Filter 250g
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Five Elephant GUATEMALA Q'ANTXABINA Filter 250g

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Ramon Pablo Chalez
Concepcion Huista, Huehuetenango
1.760-1.800 masl
Washed, sun-dried on patios
Lime, Nougat and Fig


Q'antxabina is a remarkable example of the connections coffee can have to the community where it is being cultivated. Its producer, Ramon Pablo Chalez, inherited the farm when it was abandoned and in poor condition. With the help of the local El Sendero Cooperative, which offers training and support to coffee producers in the Concepcion Huista area, Ramon was able to turn his farm's fortunes around. By improving his cultivation systems, and developing new processing techniques, Ramon was able to produce some outstanding coffees this year, one of them being this lot.

The name of this coffee, called after the farm itself, represents Ramon's deep appreciation and connection to his community, and to the opportunities, it has afforded him. Q'antxabina is taken from the local indigenous Popti language, and it refers to a native tree that can be found growing throughout the farm. This tree has been used to make healing remedies by the local indigenous population for generations.

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