Five Elephant ETHIOPIA URAGA Filter 250g
Käthe Kaffee OLDB.

Five Elephant ETHIOPIA URAGA Filter 250g

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Various smallholder farmers
Uraga, Oromia
Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties
Current Crop
2.250–2.300 masl
Black tea, Lemon, Peach and Red Grapes.

Uraga is one of several sorting stations operated by Israel Degfa in Ethiopia’s Guji Region. Guji coffees are known for their distinct flavor profiles, and the Uragas met our expectations - and then some, being a real standout this year. The Uraga washing station works closely with producers and producer groups in order to access the best cherries in the region. The station’s staff does the sorting and grading on-site and invests in improving processing and drying systems throughout the region.

The washed method of processing coffee requires the separation of the cherry from the bean. The pulp is removed from the bean, which is then fermented and washed clean - that’s where the name comes from - in order to ensure the complete removal of fruit from bean. The washed process really highlights the growing conditions in which the coffee was cultivated, as the flavors of washed coffees are clear and more direct, and they generally tend to be less fruity than natural coffees.

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