Five Elephant ETHIOPIA Koromii - Filter
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Five Elephant ETHIOPIA Koromii - Filter

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RÖSTDATUM 25.02.2021

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Five Elephant ETHIOPIA Koromii

27 Smallholder
Sookoo Group
East Guji
JARC 74110 & 74112 and Ethiopian Heirloom
Natural, dried on raised beds for 24 days
2.170 M.A.S.L.
Peach Marmalade, Blackberry and Hops.


Koromii is the name chosen by the 27 smallholder farmers who produced this coffee, in order to represent their sub-region. The Koromii farmers are a part of the larger Sookoo group, a local organization working with coffee farmers as a processing station, but also as a source of knowledge and education, providing training and cultivation guidance.

These trainings are conducted by Ture Waji, an expert on agronomy and permaculture, who grew up in the region in a coffee-producing family, and has returned to it after graduating from university. We have known Mr. Waji from his time as the farm manager of his uncle's farm, Mormora, whose coffee we've had the pleasure of roasting in the past. His dedication to empowering the local community is demonstrated by the school funded and operated by the Sookoo group, which caters to the local farmer's children.

The cherries for this coffee were carefully picked, using a floatation tank to select only perfect ripe fruit. They were then transported to the drying station within 6 hours, to assure that no fermentation develops by leaving them soaked for too long. Once at the station, the cherries were placed on raised beds, where they were dried for 24 days.

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