Five Elephant EL SALVADOR La Cancha Natural - Filter
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Five Elephant EL SALVADOR La Cancha Natural - Filter

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RÖSTDATUM 25.02.2021

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Five Elephant EL SALVADOR La Cancha Natural

Finca Majahual along with the teachers and students at La Cumbre Elementary School
Los Naranjos Valley, Sonsonate
Red Bourbon
1.500 to 1.700 masl
Red Grape Juice, Elderflower, and Vanilla.


La Cancha was born out of Patrick Murray's desire to do things differently, and to think outside the box. Patrick, who manages the family farm of Finca Majahual along with his sister, wanted to try and process some of his coffee on Finca Majahual's premises, as opposed to having them processed at a station and delivering them there. What would happen if the farm tried to take care of its own processing? What would the results be?

To try and answer that question, he had to find sufficient space on the farm to set up drying beds. He reached out to the staff at La Cumbre elementary school, which sits amidst the farm's territory, and provides education to the region's children, and offered them a collaboration: by working together, and using the school's basketball courts as a processing station, the school's teachers and students, and the farm's workers and management, would be able to process enough coffee to sell as its own lot. to partners such as Five Elephant. In return, the proceeds from the premium charge on the coffee, will be invested in building a computer lab for the school.

The result? Not only did La Cumbre's children get a brand new computer lab, but also us, and you, got the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful lot of zesty El Salvador filter, which is a shining example to Finca Majahual's motto - coffee growing people.

Inhalt: 250g

Grundpreis: 56 € / 1kg