Five Elephant COLOMBIA Finca El Meson - Filter
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Five Elephant COLOMBIA Finca El Meson - Filter

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Five Elephant COLOMBIA Finca El Meson - Filter

Finca El Meson
Luz Divia Fierro Calderon
Huila, Acevedo
1.680 masl
Pink Bourbon

48 Hours
Lemon Curd, Green Tea, and Wild Strawberry.


This lot comes to us from the familiarly named vereda (borough) of Berlin, in Colombia's Huila region. It was cultivated by a young couple, Luz Divia Fierro Calderon and her husband Elpidio, who were given their land by Elpidio's father Angel, a coffee grower himself, whose farm is situated not far from the couple's own.

Elpidio was raised among the coffee plants of his family's coffee farms, and Luz grew up in the neighboring town of Pitalito. The couple established Finca El Meson about three years ago, and are already producing some spectacular coffees.

Working with the farm's tight-knit crew of 15 pickers, the couple hand the post-collection processing (known locally as beneficio) themselves. They de-pulp and ferment the cherries for 24 hours, wash them and then dry them in the sun for 15 to 20 days. The resulting coffee is delicately tangy, exhibiting the cherries' sweet, citrusy flavors.


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